iStock_000018648702_ExtraSmallboehunter conducts research for clients who are seeking candidates to fill highly specialised or senior roles. We confidently map-out markets, as well as the key players within them.

boehunter provides executive search services for senior management across the following roles:

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical
Senior Management
 Sales and Marketing

How we work

At boehunter we use a proven methodology to gain an accurate profile of candidates’ skill sets, experience and motivation, including how they dovetail with our own and our clients’ minimum requirements for the role. For example, candidates undergo a rigorous telephone and in-person screening process to assess, appraise and re-confirm their skill sets and experience.

Through further analysis, including psychometric testing as appropriate, we narrow the search down to resumes that reflect congruently with the candidate, and which meet the client’s brief.

We are able to conduct reference checks at any stage of your internal interview process, and can recommend or conduct psychometric testing for aptitude and cultural fit.

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